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Fall des Monats

Mit dem Fall des Monats scheinen wir die Bedürfnisse unserer Fachbesucher getroffen zu haben. Obwohl erst seit ein paar Tagen online haben wir bereits eine Reihe von Anfragen und Nachfragen per Email, vor allem von Augenärzten, die in diesen Tagen alle abgearbeitet werden.
Die nächsten "knackigen" Fälle sind bereits in Vorbereitung.
Sobald es die Ressourcen der Mitarbeiter zuläßt, werden wir ein Fallarchiv aufbauen, in dem sich unsere Fachbesucher frei bewegen können und im 2.Schritt eigene Fälle einstellen können.

Erstellt von: hhr am 10.09.2008 12:42 Kategorie:Allgemeines Kommentar hinzufügen

Robert,"seeing that microfilm esixts for the Saturn V blueprints, why is the U.S. government busy building a new heavy-lift rocket when we already have one that exceeds anything available and would have twice the lifting capacity of even the Falcon Heavy rocket once that is developed?"When we're talking about the Saturn V, we're really only talking about the first stage engines, the F1's. The rest is just tanks and thrust structures, pretty standard stuff. (Plus the guidance and communication systems, which would never be reused.) And the F1's were apparently pushed about as far as their engineering could go. They are inefficient (by modern standards), and the two-stage LEO version of the Saturn V could only loft 70 tons. Plus, while the blueprints exist, nothing else does, the tools to build the engines and the knowledge of how you go from drawings to flame and sky. So you'd need to reengineer the engines with newer technology, and reinvent all the manufacturing, then the new engines would need a new rocket-body anyway... You'd end up with an entirely new rocket via an expensively roundabout path.That's the official reason.More likely, since NASA's HSF side is now dominated by shuttle-operations engineers, not rocket engineers, none of them can guarantee their jobs based on existing experience with the shuttle engines and SRBs. The other main culture at NASA is the one that chases the new-shiny-thing, they wouldn't want to go "backwards" either. That leaves you with no major faction pushing for a return to Saturn technology. The "official" reason is just given because it sounds plausible, and allows both factions to nod sagely in agreement. And since NASA doesn't build its own equipment, they would contract to reproduce the F1 engines according to the blueprints. Rocketdyne (the original F1 manufacturers) would probably get the contract. So I suspect that this adds to the internal NASA politics; if you suggest rebuilding the Saturn V, you are accused (behind your back) of merely trying to win work for PWR. (There's actually no reason to give PWR the contract, it's not like they remember anything either. It's just that if you don't give them the contract, and the contractor you do choose is delayed/overbudget, then you will be blamed for not using the "obvious", "most experienced" contractor. No manager worth his beans is going to risk that.) All IMO.{otteends have - Is everyone suddenly getting turing phrases with one ridiculously clear word and one with alltheletterscrammedtogether?)

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There are several oiafcifl NASA documents from the early 1960s that make reference to the C-8. Since Nova was a squirrelly term that was used for the next big rocket , and in the pre-LOR era it was similar to the C-8. There seems to have been an arbitrary dividing line based on the upper stages. 8 F-1s and 8 J-2s made a C-8, while an M-1 upper stage was a Nova. Yet, you can find documents that call the F-1/J-2 system a Nova, so who knows really.

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The Heynes Manual arrived today and, well, it's more a geanrel - and less, um, geeky - treatment of Apollo 11 than the "Owners' Workshop Manual" subtitle suggests.The best book I've read to date on Apollo 11 has been First on the Moon by Armstrong, Aldrin & Collins. A review of that, and the Heynes Manual, will be going up on my blog next month, as part of my 40th celebrations of the Moon Landing.

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We've arrveid at the end of the line and I have what I need!

Erstellt von: Eimi am 23.07.2014 02:46

Paul, no, I've not read the Mailer, although it's<a href="http://lghwygsuwu.com"> celtainry</a> on my wants list.I have Virtual Apollo, and reviewed it . I don't have a copy of Virtual LM though. Also good are the two News Reference books - see .

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Fall des Monats 

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