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Schon wieder etwas gelernt.

Gestern hat Napoleon eine neue Erfahrung gemacht. Teichlinsen sind zwar schön grün aber dennoch keine Wiese und wir haben gelernt, dass er schwimmen kann.

Erstellt von: hhr am 04.10.2008 10:40 Kategorie:Napoleon Kommentar hinzufügen

Hi David,The movies we run in our minds are so cracitil to our outcome in life and business.The Network Marketing business give you the vehicle to have financial and time independence which seems to be the dreams of all of us. The trouble is most people want instant gratification. They don't really have the mindset or mental toughness to stick with anything long enough to make it work. Plus they lack a mentor to really share with them how to drive traffic to their business.All of their training seems to emphasize the strategy of getting in front of friends, family and co workers with their opportunity and every thing will come up roses. That is the furthest from the truth. As a true leader we must teach them very simply marketing. How to drive targeted prospects to their business by providing value and not their business opportunity. That will come!Go out and make today your best day ever!Lloyd Dobson Lloyd Dobson Online Coach and Trainer recently posted..[] Reply:January 11th, 2011 at 2:21 amTwitter: Hi Lloyd,Wow, I'm beginning to this that you are reading my mind , lol. I am becoming one of those leaders and mentors in Network Marketing, and I know what kind of staying power and skills are necessary to help others be successful in this business. It has taken considerable time and much personal development, which requires daily attention and nurturing.I am so grateful to have genuine coaches and trainer, like you, sharing insights and skills on my blog. It truly is an honor.Thanks,David[]

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